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Sustainability Matters

We work best with Japanese companies as our principal consultant and founder, Dr Wong Lai Yong, is a connector between Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia. She understands corporate Japan in terms of culture and values. Fluent in Japanese, Mandarin, English and Malay language, other than Chinese dialects (Cantonese, Hokkien), she brings global insights to the Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consulting, training and expert reviews that she offers.

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240 Workshops & 132 Talks and Lectures
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25,591+ People Reached Via Talks, Workshops & Training
Across Japan & Asia
More Than 400 Career Consulting Hours
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As a Japan-based education and human resource development enterprise, we offer learning experiences that expand people’s potential such as providing Japanese enterprises with training programs for their overseas employees. We usually work with First Penguin when we are asked to provide training programs in Malaysia. As our trusted partner, Dr Wong of First Penguin gives participants valuable insights. Through her training, participants have remarked that they gained practical knowledge and perspectives for their careers and growth of their enterprises.

Mr Yoshitaka Ohara
Co-founder, Habataku Inc

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