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Commonly asked questions that we get about our work on sustainability, global talent development,
cross-cultural global management, career consulting and nurturing and expanding consciousness.

I work with company owners and CEOs by offering a holistic global and long term perspective, armed with professional knowledge and experiences in sustainability, global talent development, cross-cultural global management, career consulting and nurturing and expanding consciousness. My consulting work is cross-sector spanning private, public and educational institutions, and cross-level from junior to senior management and top officials where I help them understand how to compassionately solve problems in their organizations which are usually people-related. 

I work best with Japanese companies as I am a connector between Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia. For instance, I understand corporate Japan in terms of culture and values. I bring insights from a global perspective in addition to my ability to converse like a Japanese native. Understandably my ESG work within Japan and Southeast Asian context help too. As a Malaysian who has conducted training and facilitated workshops across Southeast Asia, my insights about the region’s socio-economic background provides my clients with a holistic understanding of Japan in relation to the region. 

My clients have always said that I deliver my talks, consultation, projects and presentations with passion and positivity, inspiring participants to take action. They’ve remarked that I give them an alternative approach – by tackling the inherent root cause. Often we work together to craft down-to-earth implementation strategies with all stakeholders involved. My knowledge of sustainability issues is holistic and my personal approach of respecting all viewpoints makes the solution and plan more well-received. 

All businesses exist in an ecosystem. No business exists on its own without considering the environment and society it exists in because consequences affect all. Regardless of the size of your organization, you are still operating within a social environment and your customers are part of this environment too.

Can your business continue if there’s an environmental disaster such as floods or wildfires (and more such disasters are turning the world upside down)?  Companies that ignore the rights of their employees (including the people who are in the entire supply chain) or don’t value diversity, equality and inclusion will find it harder to compete globally and struggle to obtain investment or attract customers. They will also lose the support of their stakeholders while internally, their employees will not be motivated at all to innovate. 

My work and role at Center for Sustainability and Innovation, Shizenkan University (Japan) with other sustainability experts gives me access to the most updated research and best practices in sustainability. My board roles in the private and public sectors of Japanese and Malaysian organizations affords me insights into strategic decision-making and policy-forming with a long-term view. These macro and micro experiences help me develop practical solutions when I work with corporations and educational institutions.  In addition, my passion for working with youth (especially Gen Z) and women gives me invaluable input when I advise companies and businesses whose target customers and future employees comprise these demographics.

Do you know that companies that ignore the rights of their employees or don’t value diversity, equality and inclusion will find it harder to compete globally in time to come? They will struggle to obtain investment and attract customers. They will also lose the support of their stakeholders. Their existing employees will not be motivated at all to innovate while facing tremendous challenges to attract distinguished employees. We provide advice and training and work with you to uncover the root causes and blind spots so that your business will emerge more competitive and effective not just for now but into the future.

While we work with a lot of Japanese organizations, we have experience with sustainability projects across the Southeast Asian region. We have served in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Indonesia, Myanmar and we can work with teams virtually and physically too.

I speak, read and write in Japanese, English, Mandarin and Malay. I speak Cantonese and Hokkien too so I am well-equipped to handle much of the work within the Southeast Asian and Japanese regions. 

We welcome collaboration with other like-minded sustainability consulting firms or training provider companies in Japan or Asia. Our ultimate goal is to serve the needs of progressive clients based on our niche expertise which in turn will contribute to a better world.

I am the founder, principal trainer and consultant of First Penguin Sdn. Bhd. who is currently based in Malaysia although I travel frequently to Japan for consulting projects and academic work. I spent 16 years studying and working in Japan and have extensive knowledge and experience regarding global talent management, diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainability/Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Together with my team, we are known for developing youth and Gen Z through workshops, talks and career consulting.  I serve on the board of Penang Women’s Development Corporation, a state-owned agency that empowers Malaysian women from all strata of social-economic backgrounds. 

Youth and Gen Z are the future stakeholders of all companies, be it as employees, customers, suppliers, government, media or NGOs.  Our rich experience with them including getting their honest and open thoughts equips us well to advise companies on the values and expectations of the future stakeholders to the companies.  

This varies depending on the objectives, nature and content of the project. It could be a single engagement of a few hours (interview or answer questionnaire for my expert opinion on materiality or existing sustainability strategy, a talk/workshop, training) to a long-term advisory or engagement to advise, implement and review ongoing sustainability strategy efforts.

I will need to consider what your organization needs from me.  As sustainability and talent development services are not based on a “one-size-fits-all” approach, I will need to spend some time to understand the background of your company and your industry prior to working on the project or consulting.  Generally, advance notice of two weeks to one month is sufficient. It is best to contact me and we can talk about what you need first. 

First Penguin was established to awaken people and corporations to their true purpose as citizens of the world. Our belief is one of connecting the developed countries with the developing countries by reducing the gap between the have and the have-nots. We envision a world of understanding, peaceful co-existence, shared prosperity and a sense of purpose through the work that we do.

Dr Wong Lai Yong
Founder, Principal Trainer & Consultant, First Penguin Sdn. Bhd.

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